About Us

Our foundation is the Community Foundation for the Lennox and Addington County. We are one of over 190 Community Foundations across Canada.

With over 3.7 million in endowment funds under our care from multiple charitable funds, we are able to distribute grants annually to the community.

Our Mission

Bring people, agencies, and organizations together who care about where they live today and how their communities are faring today, will fare tomorrowand will prosper and grow on into the future.

Strengthen our people and living areas in all parts of Lennox and Addington by teaching about, promoting, and facilitating philanthropyWhat it isWhat it doesWhat it can do.

Our Vision

A strong, healthy, connected, including, caring, and progressive Lennox and Addington.

Our Values
  • Openness and transparency in all dealings
  • Awareness of and respectful of diversity
  • Welcoming to new ideas and inclusiveness
  • Proactivity in seeking out and engaging partnerships
  • Responsiveness to existing and arising community needs
  • Prudence in applying entrusted human, material, and financial resources
  • Leadership in exampling the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct


Philanthropy: The concept of voluntarily giving by an individual or group to promote the common good.