About Community Foundations

Today in Canada

More than 190 community foundations now operate across the country.

Collective assets top $3.5 billion with annual funding disbursements reaching $150 million.

Community Foundations commonly experience cycles of growth, stabilization, static activity, decline, and astonishing resurgence.

The Edmonton Community Foundation provides an example.

Established in 1971, it languishing until 1989. Reborn and galvanized to action, three years of reorganizing and rebuilding - included going back to square one and re-incorporating - brought together prominent Edmonton business and community leaders whose $15 million in gifts and pledges restarted the Foundation with a bang.

The Edmonton foundation now manages assets totaling more than $300 million.

It's a stroy repeated to higher and lesser degrees among community foundations according to their community base, ecconomic circumstances, and determination to work at their mission and purposes.