Standing Committees

Nominating and Board Effectiveness Committee Requirements


The committee is a standing Committee of the Board. The role of the Committee is to prepare an effective succession plan for the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Committee also oversees the Board’s ongoing educational needs.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Annually confirm with the members of the sitting Board that they are able to complete their term of office.
  2. Annually recommend to the Board a slate of of candidates for appointments to fill vacancies on the board of directors and standing committees.
  3. Annually review Board and committee composition in order to identify potential vacancies requiring recruitment of replacement candidates.
  4. Recommend extensions of Board member terms.
  5. Source potential candidates for appointment to the Board.
  6. Ensure the planning and conducting of an orientation program for new Board members.
  7. Annually plan and conduct a review of the Board’s strategic plan.
  8. Ensure the availability of a continuing education program for Board members.
  9. Meet on an as-needed basis.
  10. Annually review these terms of reference and recommend revisions to the board.


The Committee shall be composed of the President, past President, the Standing Committee chairs, and the Executive Director.