About Us

 Growth and Change

That first "Hogarth family Fund" created in 1987 was our Foundation's jumpstart.

From then until 2014, we were an all-volunteer enterprise.

The superb dedication and effectiveness of the original and subsequent volunteer Boards of Directors, committees, and supporters is evidenced by following the growth of our endowed funds. Annual average growth: $123,000.

On November 14, 2000, our Letters Patent were amended to change the word "Charitable" to "Community" in our name — and we became the Napanee District Community Foundation.

The first paid Executive Director (full time) and Administrative Assistant (29hrs/week) were hired in the Spring of 2014.

That team was succeeded - first, on January 1, 2015, by our current Administrative Assistant (15hrs/week) - followed on November 4, 2015 by our present part-time Executive Director (21hrs/week).

The Team's mandate? Professional Administration of the Foundation's business affairs and "Get the Word out".

Being a small, operationally resource-limited and all-volunteer organization for 27 of its 30 years, the Foundation's presence and activities although highly prized among donors and beneficiaries of its work were found in the Fall of 2015 to be little known in the broader community and particularly beyond the borders of Greater Napanee.

Something needed doing about that.