About Us

Our foundation is the Community Foundation for the Lennox and Addington County. We are one of over 190 Community Foundations across Canada.

With over 3.7 million in endowment funds under our care from multiple charitable funds, we are able to distribute grants annually to the community.

Our Mission

Bring people, agencies, and organizations together who care about where they live today and how their communities are faring today, will fare tomorrowand will prosper and grow on into the future.

Strengthen our people and living areas in all parts of Lennox and Addington by teaching about, promoting, and facilitating philanthropyWhat it isWhat it doesWhat it can do.

Our Vision

A strong, healthy, connected, including, caring, and progressive Lennox and Addington.

Our Values
  • Openness and transparency in all dealings
  • Awareness of and respectful of diversity
  • Welcoming to new ideas and inclusiveness
  • Proactivity in seeking out and engaging partnerships
  • Responsiveness to existing and arising community needs
  • Prudence in applying entrusted human, material, and financial resources
  • Leadership in exampling the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct


Philanthropy: The concept of voluntarily giving by an individual or group to promote the common good.


The Napanee District Charitable Foundation (NDCF) came in to being with an establishing donation of $100.000 gifted from the estate of Edgar Creighton Hogarth.

Mr. Hogarth, a prominent local businessman and community leader, operated Hogarth's Book and China shop in downtown Napanee until his death on April 14, 1962.

No ordinary book and gift store, the business location at 16 Dundas Street East (where Elena's Café is located today) was the textbooks supply center for all of Lennox and Addington's primary and secondary schools.

In January, 1987, the donation was deposited in the Royal Bank of Canada by sons and estate executors, Murray and Don Hogarth to become a perpetual commemoration of their father and the Hogarth family.

Patterned on the Hamilton Foundation (formed in the 1950's), our new foundation was officially created with issuance of its Letters Patent by the provincial Ministry of Commercial Relations on Tuesday, December 8, 1987.

The Town of Napanee (population: about 5,000 at the time) became one of the very few small Ontario towns to be home to its own community foundation.

 Growth and Change

That first "Hogarth family Fund" created in 1987 was our Foundation's jumpstart.

From then until 2014, we were an all-volunteer enterprise.

The superb dedication and effectiveness of the original and subsequent volunteer Boards of Directors, committees, and supporters is evidenced by following the growth of our endowed funds. Annual average growth: $123,000.

On November 14, 2000, our Letters Patent were amended to change the word "Charitable" to "Community" in our name — and we became the Napanee District Community Foundation.

The first paid Executive Director (full time) and Administrative Assistant (29hrs/week) were hired in the Spring of 2014.

That team was succeeded - first, on January 1, 2015, by our current Administrative Assistant (15hrs/week) - followed on November 4, 2015 by our present part-time Executive Director (21hrs/week).

The Team's mandate? Professional Administration of the Foundation's business affairs and "Get the Word out".

Being a small, operationally resource-limited and all-volunteer organization for 27 of its 30 years, the Foundation's presence and activities although highly prized among donors and beneficiaries of its work were found in the Fall of 2015 to be little known in the broader community and particularly beyond the borders of Greater Napanee.

Something needed doing about that.

 30 Years Young - "Bridging to Extraordinary"

2017 marks our 30th Anniversary and we're re-branding.

The "Bridging to Extraordinary" initiative was kicked off October 22, 2016 with a community collaboration event held at the Selby Community Hall attended by almost 50 invited representatives from the Napanee and regional community and service organizations, municipalities, businesses, educational institutions, youth support agencies, and others.


  1. Attract and engage a roomful of community and regional representatives who would never afterward be in a position to say they knew little or nothing about our Foundation.
  2. To encourage and create partnerships through which common concerns might be cooperatively addressed. (e.g. create a shared regional volunteer pool; Co-Operate and to share the work and benefits of large-scale fundraisers to lessen the effects of all of us seeking financial and other contributions from a finite availability of donors)
  3. Plumb the knowledge, experiences, and ideas of attendees in the matter of how to go about a re-branding exercise - so as to avoid expending scarce time and resources "reinventing the wheel".
  4. Perhaps in  the doing of 1, 2, and 3 above, assist others attending to gain insights that would benefit their organizations.
  5. Run a professionally "fun" event that the Foundation will be remembered for.

Provided breakfast and lunch, attendees engaged in round-table examinations of various elements of re-branding in general and about our foundation, its operations, and the road forward toward an increased presence and charitable impact in all parts of Lennox and Addington.

At the day's end, the outcome was more than 130 go-forward suggestions and recommendations.

Topping the list was the matter of the foundation's name.

Fully appreciating the years of historical and traditional attachment to the 'Napanee' reference, it was clear that an alteration was needed to effectively promote and operate our County-wide mandate.

Hence, at our 2017 Annual General Meeting, the members of the foundation voted affirmatively to adopt the name "Community Foundation for Lennox and Addington".

This was done with the prior concurrence of Mr. Tim Hogarth on behalf of our founding family.

The process is underway to obtain amended Letters Patent authorizing formal adoption and use of the new name.