2015 Community Grant Recipients

640 Army Cadets (Cloyne)
Project Title: Canoe Program

This is a continuation from last year’s program where youth from the Cloyne area, belonging to the 640 Army Cadets, were provided with canoes and equipment for adventure training.

Project Funded by: The Wartman Fund, The Hogarth Family Fund and NDCF General Fund ($1,500)

Canadian Diabetes Association
Project Title: Camp Banting

The funding provided will allow four local children with Type 1 Diabetes to attend Camp Banting, learning the importance of a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition and physical activity.

Project Funded by: The Dorothy Grace Bell Fund, The Tom Thompson Fund and The Hogarth Family Fund ($1,200)

Hospice L&A
Project Title: Palliative Care Training

Funds were provided for palliative care training.

Project Funded By: The Hogarth Family Fund ($2,000)

J.J. O’Neill Catholic School
Project Title: Student Exchange to Castor, Alberta Program

Funds were provided for the Napanee portion of the student exchange for Alberta students.

Project Funded By: Friends of the Foundation Fund and The Hogarth Family Fund ($650)

Land O’Lakes Community Services
Project Title: Connecting Communities and Creating Opportunities

The funds provided will allow up to 10 of Land O’Lakes Community Services’ developmentally challenged adult clients to visit Constructive Opportunities for Progressive Employee and to participate in some of their organized social events.

Project Funded By: The Mazinaw Community Fund ($1,785)

Morning Star Relief Mission
Project Title: Accessible Ramp at Side Door

Funds were provided to help with the costs of building an accessible ramp to the basement at the Morning Star Mission facility.

Project Funded By: The Hogarth Family Fund ($5,000)

Napanee Lions Club
Project Title: Message in a Bottle

The project makes it possible to ensure that a person’s medical information (which is stored in a vial which is kept in the refrigerator) is available to first responders who arrive at a home in an emergency situation.

Project Funded By: The Hogarth Family Fund and the Pioneer Petroleum Fund ($645)

Newburgh – Camden Lions Club
Project Title: Camden Centennial Park Playground, Phase 2

The funds are going towards the Youth Playground at Camden Centennial Lions Park. The Lions Club wishes to provide an interesting and inviting setting for physical activity in a safe environment.

Project Funded By: NDCF General Fund and The McKeown and Wood Fund ($2,500)

North Addington Education Centre
Project Title: Packs and Barrels to Support Outdoor Education at NAEC

The funds provided will be used to purchase 15, 90 L packs and three food barrels to be used for the school’s canoe and camping trips.

Project Funded By: The Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth Fund #1 ($4,000)

Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre
Project Title: Ontario Turtle Conservation and Rehabilitation

The Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre has been in operation for 16 years. It is located in Napanee, Ontario, Canada. The mandate of the facility is to help all injured and orphaned wildlife, both mammals and birds and release them back into the wild. The Centre also gives advice and assistance to property owners who are having problems with their wild animal neighbours and can offer humane alternatives to solve these conflicts. They work closely with the Napanee Humane Society. The funds will go towards turtle conservation and rehabiliation.

Project Funded by: The Pioneer Petroleum Fund, The Bruce Medd Enviornmental Fund and The Hogarth Family Fund ($2,000)

The Prince Charles School
Project Title: Sparks Fly (Brain) Bikes

The funds will be used to purchase three bikes to help children in a classroom self regulate. Having bikes in the classroom has helped reduce out-of-class time and has allowed children to continue to participate in the lesson.

Project Funded By: The Ontario Endowment for Children and Youth Fund #1, The Ontario Endowment for Chidlren and Youth Fund #2 and The Hogarth Family Fund ($1,800)

The Napanee Salvation Army
Project Title: The Poverty Reduction – Backpack & Operation Warm Toe Campaigns

The funds provided will be used towards the purchase of school back packs to provide children and youth with the supplies necessary to function at school efficiently over the course of the school year and the Operation Warm Toes winter boot program provides children and youth with boots to keep warm throughout the winter season.

Project Funded By: The Hogarth Family Fund ($2,500)

Seniors Outreach Service
Project Title: Seniors Outreach Service

Funds provided by The Webster Fund will be used by Seniors Outreach Service.

Project Funded By: The Webster Fund ($185)

Family & Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
Project Title: The Frank Streek Scholarship Fund

The Streek Family Fund provides annual earnings to The Frank Streek Scholarship Fund administered by Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, L&A.

Project Funded By: The Streek Family Fund ($3,350)

Lennox & Addington County General Hospital
Project Title: Cardiac Rehab Program

The funds provided will be used for the Cardiac Rehab program to enhance the treatment of the many participants.

Project Funded by: The Hogarth Family Fund, The Sutton Fund, and The Whitehead Fund ($1,075)