We are underway into our research about how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can fit into our community for our Vital Signs Report. We want to reach out to hear your input about these important topics.

If you’d like to get involved with us in this project, contact us through our website ( www.cffla.ca ) or by phone: (613) 354-7333.

We are researching into the 6th and 14th SDG: Clean Water and Sanitation and Life Below Water.

Below is graphic showing surface water quality in the Lennox and Addington area.

According to the 2018 Cataraqui Region, Quinte Conservation and Mississippi Valley Watershed Report Cards:

“A watershed is an area of land over which rain and snowfall drain into a common waterbody such as a river, creek, or lake.

Everything in a watershed is connected and our actions upstream can affect conditions downstream.

Measuring helps reach a better understanding of our watershed. Work can then be targeted where it is needed and progress can be tracked.

Surface water quality grades are calculated using concentrations of phosphorus and the health of benthic invertebrate communities. Phosphorus is a naturally occurring nutrient, but can be elevated due to products such as detergents, fertilizers and sewage. High concentrations contribute to excessive algae growth and low oxygen levels in streams and lakes.

Watersheds with lower water quality grades tend to have extensive urban or agricultural land uses. Watersheds with higher water quality grades tend to have a greater abundance of forests and wetlands, which can aid in the filtering of surface water.”