Applications open 2020 Scholarship and Bursaries

The Charlotte Uens Scholarship Application is now online and ready to accept applications.

In 2009 Stuart Uens established The Charlotte Uens Education Fund in honor of his late mother, Charlotte Uens. A gift of $1,281,000.00 was given in perpetuity to establish a scholarship fund. Distributions, in the form of scholarships to graduates of Napanee District Secondary School for post secondary education, are made annually.

To the end of 2019, The Charlotte Uens Education Fund has provided a total of $531,500.00 in Scholarships to graduates of Napanee District Secondary School. In 2019 alone, 16 NDSS graduates shared $56,000.00 in scholarships from The Charlotte Uens Education Fund.

Despite this year’s unique challenges, in 2020, we anticipate being able to grant another $57,000.00 in scholarships to NDSS graduates from The Charlotte Uens Education Fund.

Graduating NDSS students may apply here

LEADERSHIP BURSARY online now and accepting applications.

Werk Poole was a leader in the Napanee community for many years, and the Chief Financial Officer at Gibbard’s Furniture, Napanee.

In 2004, The Werk Poole Student Bursary Fund was established with the Napanee District Community Foundation as a tribute to his leadership in the Napanee community.

The Werk Poole Student Bursary Award will be awarded annually to a graduating high-school student who is a resident of Lennox and Addington County and has been accepted into a Leadership Training Program. The student will have demonstrated knowledge of, and interest in, the qualities inherent in leadership roles. Significant community ties and volunteer experience would be possible indicators of a student’s commitment to a leadership program.

Apply here

SPORTS BURSARY online now and accepting applications.

Napanee Sports Association Athletic Scholarship/ Bursary Application – 2020

The Napanee Sports Association’s athletic scholarship program was introduced in 2007 to recognize and reward an individual’s dedication to sports and education. The program provides financial assistance to athletes in The Town of Greater Napanee who are pursuing post-secondary education for the first time. Each successful recipient can earn up to $500 in bursary funds. Recipients are not eligible in subsequent years.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to receive a bursary a candidate must meet the following criteria:

-Has been registered with a Greater Napanee sports organization, either school or community, in the year of the application

-Has participated in a sports program in The Town of Greater Napanee for three years or more

-Has been accepted at and plans to attend a recognized education institution at a post-secondary level

The application can be found here


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