Unflood Ontario… rain barrels… part of a simple solution

Tired of water bills sending all your money down the drain? Rain barrels are free water, they reduce basement flooding, and your plants will love them: the water is warmer and softer than tap water. Share our video to grow awareness of natural infrastructure and learn all the ways you can https://unfloodontario.ca

Contribute a gift to our local Environmental Fund at: https://www.cffla.ca/180funds/


How to Unflood Ontario

Mature trees keep 25 to 35% of the rainwater that falls on them out of storm sewers. And unlike umbrellas, it’s pretty hard to lose a tree. Link yourself to tree-planting programs right from the Unflood site https://unfloodontario.ca/trees and grow awareness of natural infrastructure by sharing this fun video.

You can support local climate change and watershed initiatives at https://www.cffla.ca/180funds/


We are proud to join Unflood Ontario as a Founding Circle Member along with other Community Foundations that border on Lake Ontario

It’s way past time to #UnfloodOntario, and a province-wide natural infrastructure movement is how. Visit us at https://unfloodontario.ca. Discover programs that will help you Unflood your home, see what your region is doing, and start the momentum by sharing this video and flooding Ontario with the good news that we can change this — together, naturally.

You can fund local Climate Change and local Watershed Initiatives at https://www.cffla.ca/180funds/