An important consideration for your tax and estate planning

Regardless of whether it is a life insurance policy that you purchased years ago or brand new insurance policy, your life insurance can be used to provide and enduring legacy for you through the creation of an endowment fund on your passing. It can also provide immediate ongoing tax relief or a tax benefit to your estate, depending on what financial arrangements you choose. Speak to your financial advisor and/or your tax advisor and then begin a conversation with us. We can help set up a legacy project for you that will keep your life’s work and passion going in perpetuity.


You have invested well and now you would like to invest some of it back into your community…

We can help.

Increasingly, individuals are gifting securities, (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), as a method of donating to charities. This type of philanthropic gift is a great way to establish and endowment fund since the tax implications can be very advantageous to the donor. Speak to our financial advisor first and then join us for a conversation about how to achieve your philanthropic goals.


Your Philanthropic and Tax Planning Goals

In Canada, the Federal and Provincial Governments provide generous tax credits in support of charitable giving.

If you are wishing to make a gift to the Community Foundation for Lennox & Addington, we encourage you to consult with your financial advisor in order to ensure that your philanthropic and tax planning goals can be achieved.

Charitable tax credit calculators are available online. A good site to visit if you are already thinking about your taxes is


Gifts with an enduring impact

Gifts that are made to endowment funds held by the Community Foundation for Lennox & Addington are placed into a pool of investments that will generate income in perpetuity. That income is used to create long-term funding for projects in: arts &culture, education, health & wellness, sports & recreation, senors care & service, environmental awareness, social services, and youth support & development. Since our endowment funds are invested in perpetuity, there will be ongoing funds to invest in our communities long into the future. As a result, your gift to an endowment fund has an enduring impact that continues into the future for the benefit of current and future generations.

Please consider making a gift today. Gifts can be ad online at or you can visit us at 47 Dundas St. E., in Napanee.


Healthy Environment -Healthy Community

All of our communities are connected through the natural environment and we are all better off when our land, water and air are clean. One of our charitable objects is environmental awareness.

The County of Lennox and Addington is home to diverse watersheds, breathtaking landscapes, and amazing biodiversity. If your passion is the environment, there are opportunities to contribute to an endowment fund or to establish a new endowment fund at the Community Foundation for Lennox & Addington.

Learn more. We would be pleased to have a conversation with you or your community group.


L & A Farmer Wellness Program

The Community Foundation for Lennox & Addington belongs to and exists to serve you, your family, your friends and your neighbors.

This year we are pleased to be supporting the L & A Farmer Wellness Program in partnership with the LAFA and Lennox and Addington County.


An unwavering faith in the future…

Our donors have an unwavering faith in the future. Through their gifts, we are able to fund organizations that are working to improve the lives of all of our residents.

Our charitable objects include: arts & culture, education, health & wellness, sports & recreation, heritage preservation, seniors care & service, environmental awareness, social service, and youth support & development.

If you would like to demonstrate your faith in the future and are wondering about how your gift can make a difference, we would like to talk with you.


SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

As we conduct our Vital Signs 2019 – Lennox & Addington research, it is interesting to note that we have a highly mobile workforce. 89% are commuting to work, on their own, as the driver of the vehicle.  39% take over 30 minutes to get to work. Almost 28% work in the same municipality that they live in, 12.5% work elsewhere in our County, and 60% travel outside of Lennox & Addingotn for work.


2019 Grant Recipient: Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington

We’re pleased that Family and Children’s Services of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington is one of our grant recipients this year. This grant enables FACSFLA to grow their services and reach more families and children in our community.

FACSFLA is a not-for-profit agency that protects children from physical, sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. For more than 100 years in Ontario, these Societies have been keeping children safe, helping parents build healthy families and providing safe and nurturing environments for young people. Recently, on August 1st the FACSFLA turned 125!

On top of the many services the FACSFLA provides, one of the amazing opportunities the organization gives is to send children to summer camp who otherwise would not be able to go. FACSFLA does all the work from planning to funding and everything in between. During summer camp children make lifelong memories, experience self-growth, learn new skills and more.

Another amazing service the FACSFLA offers are bursaries for post-secondary education to the children in their services. In June, they awarded the most post-secondary bursaries in its 125-year history. More than $70,000 in college and university bursaries were awarded to 14 youth in care! The FACSFLA is committed to life-long solutions to success. Providing access to education empowers people to reach their full potential and lead a fulfilling life in our communities.

Even small contributions made to the FACSFLA make a huge difference. The FACSFLA is also in need for foster parents, volunteers and board members. Also look out for the ‘Tree of Hope’ fundraising, which puts toys, food, clothing and more under the tree for the kids and families they serve.

Learn more here: