Gary Shortt - Director

Gary has been a cottager on Skootamatta Lake, Cloyne area since 1968 and now lives there fulltime with his wife, Kathy. He graduated from the University of Waterloo in the Civil Engineering Program. Gary worked for 6 years in a supervisory and engineering training program with American Can Canada Inc. and then moved to the Toronto Transit Commission for another 33 years. He progressed through numerous management roles in maintenance and operations fields, finishing the last three years as Chief Operating Officer for the TTC.

Gary is now retired and volunteers with the Lions Club of Land O’Lakes. He has taken on the Treasurer role, manages grant applications for improvements to the Lions Club infrastructure, and coordinates the annual Club Donation Plan. He enjoys working with community members and local governments on the many worthwhile service activities of the Lions Club.

Gary and Kathy have three children and three grandchildren who also keep them very active.